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About THE Voice ACTOR

What do you get when you mix a femme-fatale, a sarcastic sibling, a badass
soldier, and throw in a dash of a Korean conversational voice? The voice actor
Julie Park.

I’ve provided the voices for the point-and-click adventure game “Unavowed,” the card-based mobile game “Shadowverse,” and the upcoming dog raising simulator “Best Friends Forever” coming soon to the Nintendo Switch™. If you compare my gruff companions from “Unavowed” to the various adorable and/or deadly creatures I bring to life in “Shadowverse,” I demonstrate a versatile vocal range that can benefit your next project. This versatility doesn’t just come from my acting talent, but also from my efficient work ethic: I value working closely with my directors and having a quick turnaround on projects.

Although I have easy access to several studios in the L.A. area, I am also able to telework from my fully equipped home studio. All projects can be recorded with my Neuman TLM 103 inside of my 4x4 Vocal Booth, ensuring high quality sound without any worries of reverb or background noises. In the case extra post-production work is required for a project, I’m well versed in Adobe Audition audio editing software. I can provide studio quality sound without the hassle of hiring an actual studio.

When casting your next project, consider what brings a character to life. Is it the range of emotions a teen goes through when she learns the truth about her mysterious past? Is it the sensual energy the Lady in Red is sending to our secret agent protagonist from across the baccarat table? Or maybe it’s the reassuring feeling found in the orders of a stern commanding officer. My passionate performances will bring all these aspects and more to your next project.

Whether it’s important e-learning, engaging animation, or the next big video
game hit, I will bring the quality, versatility, and enthusiasm that will make your next project a success.

Conversational | REFRESHING | Versatile

"Julie was absolutely fantastic to work with! We are thrilled with how she brought our character to life and very pleased with the quality of her recordings. We'd highly recommend Julie to anyone that is looking for a talented, professional, and friendly voice actor."

John Madrak Founder, Waddling Technology, LLC

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